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Daisy – błękitna tożsamość 2

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Daisy – błękitna tożsamość 2”, 484 pages, paperback.

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„Daisy – błękitna tożsamość 2” is a second novel volume about princess von Pless last lady on Książ castle and in Pszczyna. Similar to volume one, second volume also is based on historical sources
related with European aristocracy living between 19th and 20th century. Rapidly interrupted romance, India trip, hard choices are emotional threads which dominated second volume book content about lady Daisy. Is she will go after heart voice and break with false decency made out of conventions or maybe she allow instrument she carry on her chest to change song full of heat into song full of regret? This are few aout of many dilemmas princess Daisy will face in second novel volume about herself.


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